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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

2013 Alfa Romeo 4C


PRICE : FOR 2013 MODEL $45,000
PRICE : FOR 2014 MODEL $54,000

ABOUT : The Alfa Romeo 4C is a small, lightweight rear wheel drive two seater Coupé sports car, similar in size to the Alfa Romeo MiTo. It uses a carbon fiber tub, front and rear crash box, and hybrid rear frame mainly out of aluminum to keep its weight at 895 kilograms (1,973 lb); 995 kilograms (2,194 lb) in the United States.The 4C will be the first mass-produced Alfa Romeo car for re-entry into the US market by 2014.

POWERTRAIN AND PERFORMANCE : The 4C uses a new all-aluminium.Inline 4 cylinder turbocharged engine. The engine has been designed for minimum weight, and will probably also appear in the 159 replacement, the Giulia. The engine CO2 emissions are 157 g/km and combined fuel consumption 6.8 L/100 km (42 mpg-imp; 35 mpg-US).The power-to-weight-ratio being just 0.33 hp/kg (8.22 lb/hp).Alfa Romeo has also confirmed a new 1.8 litre, 300 PS (221 kW) engine, which may appear in the 4C.
Italian car magazine Quattroruote published the lap time of 4C around Nurburgring. It managed to do it in 8:04.
The 4C is equipped with six speed Alfa TCT Dual Dry Clutch Transmission, and can be operated via gearshift paddles on the steering wheel. It also has an Alfa 'DNA' dynamic control selector which controls the behavior of engine, brakes, throttle response, suspension and gearbox.In addition to the modes already seen in Giulietta, the 4C has a new "Race" mode.  

  •  Topspeed :- 258 km/h (160 mph)
  •  0 - 100km/h (0-62mph) :- 4.5 seconds
  •  Type :- straight - 4
  •  Displacement :- 1.75 L (1,742cc) 240 Horsepower
  •  Power :- 240 PS (180 kW:240 hp) @ 6,000 rpm                     

  •  Torque :- 350 N m (260 lb ft)
  •  Lateral accelaration :- 1.1g

By : Super Modified Sports Cars

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