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Thursday, October 17, 2013

2013 Mini Cooper


FOR : 2 Door Coupe Jhon Cooper Works:- Invoice $27,690 ,MSRP $31,100
FOR : 2 Door Coupe:- Invoice $18,125   ,   MSRP $19,700
FOR : 2 Door Coupe S:- Invoice $21,435  , MSRP $23,300

ABOUT : The 2013 MINI Cooper lineup is presented as a canvas of sorts; base equipment is ample but rather spartan, and it leaves plenty of space for equipment upgrades and personalization.
In its base configuration, the Cooper is simple, and some may think that it's a little short on value compared to other small cars. Standard equipment includes: power windows, locks and mirrors; an AM/FM/CD audio system with auxiliary input; ambient lighting; and keyless ignition.Options on the Cooper lineup include a ten-speaker stereo and a joystick-controlled navigation/infotainment system. The USB/iPod interface and Bluetooth phone connectivity, both features that used to be optional, are now standard for 2013.
The interior and exterior likewise can be highly personalized to suit the driver's tastes, from custom roof decals to contrasting body/mirror paint and a wide range of vinyl decals. Performance and handling packages are also available to further enhance your MINI Cooper.

INTERIOR & EXTERIOR : There are few, if any, other new cars that do modern-classic styling quite like the Mini Cooper, and the entire family of retro-styled small cars it's spawned.
The big-eyed front end, the short nose, the low hood, and the classy wrap-around beltline, with blacked out pillars and a 'floating' roof, are all distinctive design elements that make this modern MINI a standout.
Inside, the quirky, occasionally funky design is undeniably racy, and while its retro rocker switches feel somewhat at the expense of practicality (so might the somewhat gimmicky, plate-size speedometer in the middle of the dash), and there's an element of busyness in the details, it's a cohesive look, and the color options introduced last year spruced it up.
Cross-check cloth and leather upholstery was subbed in last year, as were new seven-hole wheels. Sportier Cooper S models feature functional brake ducts, less chrome, 17-inch alloys, striping, foglamps, and aero bodywork, as well as sport seats and alloy pedals inside. 
MINI Coupe models (and the MINI Roadster) have essentially the same packaging from the front seats ahead, but with their lower roofline (MINI proudly calls the roof a 'helmet') there's less usable headroom; there's no rear seat in these models either--just a small cargo shelf. MINI Clubman models, on the other hand, offer a bit more headroom in back, making a somewhat more spacious four-seater, with a funky center-opening, side-hinged hatch arrangement.
With a long list of accessories and add-ons, the MINI Cooper models remains among the most customizable models on the market. Through a huge array of color combinations, interior choices, and graphics packages, and a MINI Yours customization program, with things like a two-tone leather dash and steering wheel, custom alloy wheels, special mirror caps, and unique upholstery patterns, if you have some extra budget, you can pretty much create your own look.

PERFORMANCE : Between the base versions of the 2013 MINI Cooper lineup, the higher-performance Cooper S, and the top John Cooper Works (JCW) versions, there's a wide span of performance to suit nearly all small-car shopper tastes. 
Even the base versions of the MINI Cooper can be called 'zippy.' Even though their 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine is only rated at 121 horsepower, but that's for just over 2,500 pounds for the manual car. Stick with the manual version, not the automatic, and it has satisfying pep and good gas mileage. But the Cooper S and its 181-hp turbocharged 1.6-liter four is the way to go for anyone who likes speed. You only drop about 2 mpg in having 60 more horses, with the manual transmission, and what you get in return is hot-hatch verve.

The John Cooper Works model takes things up another notch, deliver 208 horsepower from more turbo boost, while livening up the suspension as well. A six-speed manual gearbox is standard in the JCW version, as it is across the model line, and for the first time for 2013 the six-speed automatic is available on the JCW as well as the rest of the lineup. Steering-wheel paddle shifters are included in all the automatic versions. JCW versions of the MINI Coupe are the fastest in the brand's range, with a 0-60-mph time of just 6.1 seconds and a top speed of 149 mph. They also feature an active spoiler that will raise once you've passed 50 mph and recede again below 37 mph. 
Move up the line from the base Cooper, to the Cooper S, and to the JCW, and you get a somewhat stiffer suspension and larger alloy wheels. All the MINI Cooper models are light and nimble, and eager companions whether on tight city streets or twisty roads. The run-flat tires in the Cooper S do hurt ride quality a bit--and the John Cooper Works is rougher still--yet Each step up the Cooper line brings with it crisper suspension tuning and larger alloy wheels as standard equipment, but all Coopers are light, nimble, and ready companions on twisty roads.

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