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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

2010 Gemballa MIG-U1 Ferrari Enzo

PRICE : For Ferrari Gemballa MIG-U1 $1,500,000
(This Car Only In UAE)

Gemballa, the tuner better known for modding Porsches, has given the Ferrari Enzo an otherworldly makeover. See this beside you at the traffic lights and you could be forgiven for thinking you are on the Le Mans 24 Hours grid! All of the exterior components that Gemballa has added to the Enzo are made from carbon fibre in order to shed weight. 

The exterior kit includes a front spoiler lip, which piles 35kg worth of downforce on the front end, while 85kg is added at the back thanks to a striking new rear spoiler. Incidentally, the spoiler’s flap lowers once the speed reaches 120km/h, for better grip through the twisties. Gemballa has also revised the Enzo’s air-duct system, which allows the car’s 12-cylinder motor to breathe better. And in light of all the new inlets, Gemballa has treated the Enzo to an additional radiator. 

Even the rear lights haven’t escaped fettling – they are now cased and equipped with their own air ducts. Gemballa employs its own 19-inch ‘GTR Racing’ wheels for the car – these shed 16kg over the standard Ferrari rims and improve the car’s looks greatly. To allow safe traversal of potholes, speed ramps and the like, Gemballa is offering its Enzo with a HLS (electro-hydraulic height adjustment) system, which, at the touch of a button, can lift the car some 45mm. To adjust it back to normal ride height, you simply touch the button again or drive past 80km/h (which shouldn’t be that hard). 
Thanks to an optimised engine-management system and specially tuned exhaust setup, the Enzo’s power output is increased to a scintillating 700bhp. 

On closer inspection of the cabin, you’ll notice that Gemballa has been hard at work inside, too. Newly designed body-hugging seats, a custom-made centre console and a sports steering wheel give the interior a Formula 1 vibe. Unlike most hypercars out there, however, the Mig-U1 Enzo’s cabin is rather luxurious, too, as it can be specified with a touch-screen navigation system, DVD changer, iPod connection and, best of all, a 950-watt amp and subwoofer sound system, which in a cabin as small as the Enzo’s is sure to provide great volume (if and when you get tired of listening to that engine note). In classic Gemballa style, the seats, floor mats and seat belts have been embroidered with the company’s logo. 

Although Gemballa is set to make 25 of these stunning cars, each one will be individually adjusted to ensure there won’t be any identical Mig-U1’s. Expect a premium (to say the least) price tag as a result


► All components manufactured in real carbon
► Adjustable front spoiler lip
 Gemballa-Aerodynamics concept adjustable rear spoiler
► Front skirt with spoiler lip
► Door extensions
► Rear diffuser
► Front and rear wheel well air ducts
► Air outlets behind front wheels
► Air inlets behind doors and on roof
► Exhaust ducts in rear skirt.


In the interior, GEMBALLA devises a control centre which perfectly combines functionality and comfort. The especially for the GEMBALLA MIG-U1 designed seats, the custom-made centre console and the sports §teering wheel wîth its leather-ultra suede combination guarantee full control over the car. At the same time, the interior of this super sports car reflects pure luxury. All interior components are lined wîth leather and ultra suede. The integrated high-end multimedia system offers a seven-inch touch screen, navigation, DVD changer and an iPod connection. The 950-Watt amplifier operates the high frequency ranges in the cockpit front, the 165 millimetre large membrane on the door linings and the subwoofer between the seats. GEMBALLA-logos on the seats, the floor mats and the safety belts perfect the refinement.

With the GEMBALLA MIG-U1, the automobile manufacturer once again proves that its know-how is not only limited to Porsche cars. On the basis of the already exhilarating Ferrari Enzo, the engineers developed a unique car. But even the limited edition wîth only 25 cars is not exclusive enough for GEMBALLA. Therefore, every single GEMBALLA MIG-U1 is individually adjusted. This ensures that there will not be any identical cars. Therefore, the specialist wîth its reputation for unique high-end refinement once again meets the requirements for highest individuality.


In the last 27 years, Uwe Gemballa has achieved the best world-wide reputation for refining Porsche cars. Now, the company manager from Leonberg near Stuttgart takes on a new challenge. The automobile manufacturer turns the most potent super sports car from Maranello, the Ferrari Enzo, into the GEMBALLA MIG-U1 an individually produced edition, limited to only 25 cars.

The core part of the overall makeoveris the entirely re-engineered aerodynamics concept by FERRARI GEMBALLA. Without any exception, the manufacturer produces all components in real carbon in order to combine lowest weight with highest material strength.


Owing to the active aerodynamics conception, the front spoiler lip generates an additional downthrust of up to 35 kilograms at the front axle, according to the individual position. Analogically, the flap on the newly designed rear spoiler generates even up to 85 kilograms more downthrust on the rear wheels. For optimal handling results, the flap lowers, as soon as the car reaches a speed of 120 km/h. In this way, the GEMBALLA-aerodynamics concept adjusts to the outer conditions and always ensures perfect road holding characteristics. All components of the aerodynamics kit attribute to this: starting from the new front skirt wîth spoiler lip, over the door extensions to the diffuser and rear spoiler.

The air duct system of the GEMBALLA MIG-U1 does not only help bringing the power of the twelve-cylinder car onto the road. At the same time, the engineers from Leonberg (Baden-Württemberg) develop an extensive ventilation- and cooling concept. Here, both the front and the back wheel-houses are supplied wîth cooling air and this guarantees an optimal use of the high performance braking system. The outlets behind the wheels ensure that the heated air does not pile up. Moreover, the air inlets behind the doors and on the roof supply fresh air into engine compartment behind the passenger cabin. The newly designed air exhaust ducts end in and on top of the rear skirt. Their dimensions also allow the supply of an additional radiator.

The GEMBALLA car body components therefore guarantee the functionality of the new super sports car and provide the car wîth a unique look at the same time. Following the design of Formula-1 racing cars, the GEMBALLA MIG-U1 has an extended front and an edged rear spoiler. Formerly rounded edges were replaced in order to provide the car wîth an aggressive look wîth greedy air inlets and outlets.

Even the rear lights do not remain openly on the back, but are cased and equipped wîth air ducts. The MIG-Ú1 grows broader by 80 millimetres at the front- and 100 millimetres at the back axle.

For everyday use, the optional electro-hydraulic height-adjustment (HLS) is extremely innovative and enormously helpful. By pushing a button in the passenger compartment, it is possible to lift the body by 45 millimetres at the front- and rear axle and therefore allows driving over obstacles such as underground car park entrances and traffic ramps. Also by pushing a button or by reaching 80 km/h, the MIG-U1 lowers itself to its original level. Additionally, the multiple adjustable sports suspension which is equipped wîth ball bearing bushes significantly improves the handling and driving comfort of the MIG-U1.

The forged wheels GEMBALLA GTR RACING forged by our development partner 'Advanced Structural Alloys' contribute both to the appearance and the performance of the car. The wheels which are made from a massive light alloy block combined highest stability wîth an extremely light weight. The elaborate forging process reduces the unsprung masses of one wheel set by 16 kilograms. Therefore, the wheels respond in an even more agile way and precisely follow every §teering command even under highest strains. At the front, the 10x19 inch rims hold high-performance wheels in the dimension 265/35, while the back axle transfers the power of the engine through 13x20 inch rims wîth 335/30 wheels.

The twelve cylinder engine of the GEMBALLA MIG-U1 works wîth an optimised motor management and an especially adjusted exhaust system. This combination allows a performance output of 700 hp (515 kW). The four-pipe system wîth pneumatic flap control is added to the sports catalyser. The end-pipes are equipped wîth the typical GEMBALLA heat shield and share the exit into the rear skirt wîth the exhaust ducts of the rear wheel houses.


This Gemballa MIG-U1 Have Three Number Plates


 Displacement: 6.0 liters
 No. Of Cylinders: 12
 Horsepower: 700
 Four pipe exhaust with pneumatic flap
 Sports catalytic converter
 Retuned engine management system

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