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Saturday, November 09, 2013

2014 Maserati Quattroporte

PRICE : For 2014 Maserati Quattroporte V6 (Permium) $102,500
PRICE : For 2014 Maserati Quattroporte V8 (Premium) $140,500

50 years ago, Maserati introduced the first sports luxury sedan. Its success story continues in the larger, lighter and more luxurious 2014 Maserati Quattroporte with a streamlined and dynamic design. Although its signature is the innovative engine and roomy interior, the four-door car takes a giant leap forward with high-tech while remaining true to Maserati traditions.

The new-generation engine is a 3.8-liter twin turbo V8 that pushes Maserati tradition to new levels. The parallel-mounted twin turbines prevent turbo lag to deliver faster accelerator response and flexibility in all driving conditions. Based on the classic V90 design, the engine generates 530 hp and 376 lb-ft of torque between 2,000 and 2,500 rpm.

An eight-speed automatic transmission developed with ZF is mated to the engine that can reach a top speed of 191 mph and leap from 0 to 62 mph in 4.7 seconds. In addition to being the fastest four-door Maserati, the car sees a 20 percent improvement in fuel efficiency and emissions over the previous Quattroporte.

Because 95 percent of the torque is available at less than 1,600 rpm, the sedan offers a smooth ride with outstanding performance at every speed. Of course, handling is as superb as ever with the double-wishbone front suspension, near 50:50 weight distribution and the use of the latest Sport Skyhook electronic system.

Drivers can select automatic or manual mode. For manual mode, the driver uses steering-wheel paddles or the lever to manage gear changes. Press the SPORT button for quicker gear shifts and sportier handling for utmost driving enjoyment and comfort levels.

For the first time, an all-wheel drive version will be available for the V6 engine. It sports a turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 rated at 404 hp. Also a first for the 2014 Maserati Quattroporte AWD is the available Q4 system. The Q4 instantly redistributes torque from full rear wheel drive at higher speeds to a balanced 50/50 distribution between front and rear wheels for more traction.

Supporting the powerful engine is a bolder exterior that begins at the front with the traditional Maserati oval grille. Surrounded by curved vertical lines, the famed trident sits in its rightful place in the center of the grille. Even with a four-inch longer wheelbase for more leg room and a wider body, the sedan drops its weight with the use of aluminum in the chassis and body.

Even after 50 years since its debut, the Quattroporte continues to evolve and advance to remain the benchmark for luxury sports sedans. When the new Quattroporte is available for sale, you’ll find it at Park Place Maserati Dallas.


According to Maserati, weight reduction was a key part of the 2014 Quattroporte sedan's redesign, and the car has lost 186 pounds in base format despite a 6.5-inch stretch in overall length and a 4.3-inch increase in wheelbase. More than half of the Quattroporte's exterior panels are constructed of aluminum, which helps reduce the car's overall weight. Famed Italian design house Pininfarina styled the new 2014 Quattroporte. The current model's basic grille, tri-port side vent, and rear roof pillar design themes are repeated for the new 2014 Quattroporte, and the new model is equipped with frameless doors, quad exhaust outlets, and 19- or 20-inch aluminum wheels.


The expressive design theme of the exterior doesn't quite make its way to the inside of the Quattroporte, which is clean and elegant but somewhat Germanic in its restraint. Still, the materials -including Poltrona Frau leather, brushed aluminum and a variety of wood trim choices - are generally sumptuous and impressive. Some switchgear components are borrowed from Chrysler, a corporate sibling of Maserati, and look slightly out of place on such a high-end vehicle.

Also plucked from the American automaker's parts bin is the Quattroporte's infotainment system, which features downmarket navigation graphics but is otherwise a highly versatile and user-friendly setup. An 8.4-inch touchscreen mounted on the dashboard is the central component of the system, but redundant buttons and knobs for climate and audio volume and tuning are also included. It features voice command functionality that allows the driver to place phone calls, use the sound system, input navigation destinations and more without taking his or her hands off the wheel. Notably, the system is also able to function as a Wi-Fi hotspot over a 3G network.

Front and rear passenger space is abundant, and both four- and five-passenger configurations can be spec'd. The Quattroporte also offers far more customization than just interior and exterior colors to choose from - the steering wheel, dashboard, seat stitching and piping, headliner, carpet color, and even brake calipers can all be custom-colored.
Other notable options include a 1,280-watt Bowers and Wilkins premium surround sound system, ventilated front seats, four-zone automatic climate control, a rear seat entertainment system, sport pedals, remote start, and perforated leather upholstery.


"Maserati stands today at the edge of an unparalleled strategic and industrial growth that will see our presence in the world rise to 50,000 units a year by 2015. This growth is a challenge for which Maserati has carefully prepared itself and that we all welcome with anticipation.

"It is a growth based on those values of style, elegance, quality and performance for which Maserati has always been recognised and praised in almost 100 years of history. This exciting progression will make the new Maserati a true global player with two new production sites in two different continents and a heart solidly planted in Modena, Italy, where our roots are.

"It is a growth that will be based on three new models entering two new segments of the automobile market – and it starts with the all-new 2013 Maserati Quattroporte."

Harald Wester, Maserati CEO

Maserati Quattroporte: Italian design at its best

"The new Maserati Quattroporte is a high-performance sports luxury saloon that reinterprets the design features of classic Maseratis in a contemporary design language. Its style was born out of the guiding design principles of Maserati: harmony of shapes, dynamism of lines and Italian elegance. More generous in size when compared to the previous model, the new Quattroporte has a design that is at once graceful and sinuous, fashioned to bring out the sporty nature of the car."
"Some of the elements characterising the previous model have been purposely maintained: the front grille, the three side vents and the triangular C pillar. At the same time new style and functional features have been introduced: the strong belt line that runs through the entire side of the car giving the new Quattroporte a look and feel that is at once muscular and elegant, with frameless doors and three side windows."

"Inside, the design of the Quattroporte aims at essentiality, stressing the simplicity of lines and the full functionality of the on-board instrumentation. Functional elements are blended with soft quality surfaces made of prestigious woods and refined leathers."

Lorenzo Ramaciotti, Head of Maserati Design Centre

Maserati Quattroporte: All-New Next Generation Powertrain

"The innovative Maserati engines of the all-new Maserati Quattroporte have been designed and developed by Maserati and Ferrari engineers in the heart of Italy’s motor valley. They are going to be produced in the Ferrari plant in Maranello that has been synonymous with cutting-edge technology and passion for well over 60 years.

"Passion is indeed the middle name of a whole new generation of Maserati engines that will equip the all-new Maserati Quattroporte and the models that will soon follow it on the market. Passion and state-of-the-art technology, both at the heart of all the new Maserati engines that will be mounted on the next generation of Maserati vehicles, have produced engines that are not only more powerful than ever, or more exciting to drive than ever – but also more fuel efficient than ever before."

Paolo Martinelli, Maserati Powertrain Director

Maserati Quattroporte: Key Technical Features

"Refined technical solutions, an explicit attention to the most challenging targets in terms of performance, comfort, efficiency and safety – these are the key elements of the all-new Maserati Quattroporte."

"Maserati engineers have worked – with a competence matched only by their passion – in chassis designing and engineering, weight reduction, ergonomic enhancement to develop a car capable of fitting different powertrain architectures and transmission configurations for the most diverse driving conditions but always maintaining Maserati’s trademark best-in-class driving comfort."

"The result is the all-new Maserati Quattroporte, a luxury sports saloon that reaches new heights in terms of performance and handling, driving enjoyment as well as respect of the world we live in: the best performance ever in the long history of Maserati’s four-door flagship saloon is matched by the unprecedented success in the quest for a more fuel efficient automobile. All this done, of course, as you may expect from Maserati, in the spirit of the most severe active and passive safety conditions."

Roberto Corradi, Maserati Vehicle Development Director


The all-new Quattroporte will be come with a choice of two engines: a 3.8-liter V-8 or a 3.0-liter V-6 engine. Both engines will be assembled by Ferrari Ferrari at Maranello. Both engines are completely new and the both features turbochargers to help bump up the ponies a bit.

The V-6 engine will sprint the Quattroporte up to a top speed of 177 mph, while the V-8 engine will take it up to an even more amazing 191 mph. This latest version also ensures a 0 to 100km/h (62 mph) sprint time of 4.7 seconds.
Both engine will mate to an eight-speed automatic transmission and can be ordered in either rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive configurations.

Along with the new engines, the new Quattroporte will also benefit from improvements in chassis designing and engineering, weight reduction, and ergonomics. The result will be "a luxury sports sedan that reaches new heights in terms of performance and handling, driving enjoyment as well as respect of the world we live in: the best performance ever in the long history of Maserati’s four-door flagship sedan are matched by the unprecedented success in the quest for an eco-friendly automobile."

► Type                                           V6 3.0 litres
► Power                                       410 hp @ 5,500 rpm (306 kW)
► Torque                                      406 lb·ft @ 1,750 - 5,000 rpm (550 N·m)
► Induction                                   Turbocharged
► Power to weight ratio              N/A
► Bore                                           86 mm
► Stroke                                       84 mm
► Fuel type                                   Premium
► CO₂ emissions                        5,510 kg/year
► Ohter engines                          none
► Transmission                           8-speed automatic
► Drivetrain                                  AWD


► Standard Engine                                              - Turbocharged 3.0-Liter V-6
► Optional Engine                                                    - Turbocharged 3.8-Liter V-8
► Standard Engine Output                                      - TBD
► Optional Engine Output                                      - TBD
► Standard Engine Acceleration (0-100 Km/H)   - TBD
► Optional Engine Acceleration (0-100 Km/H)     - 4.7 Seconds
► Standard Engine Top Speed                              -177 Mph
► Standard Engine Top Speed                              -191 Mph
► Transmission                                                      - 8 Speed Automatic


► ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System)
► Four-wheel disc brakes: four ventilated
► Electronic brake distribution
► Electronic hand brake
► Electronic traction control (via ABS & engine management)
► Immobilizer
► Rear mechanical limited-slip differential
► Skyhook responsive suspensionfeatures driver selectable and electronic-control
► Space-saver spare tire
► Maserati Stability Program stability control
► Independent front wishbone suspension with stabilizer bar and coil springs, independent rear multi-link suspension with stabilizer bar and coil springs
► Tire kit

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